Construction/Building Games

In Dual Universe we are makers, creators, hauliers, miners – and fighters for the underdog and for the common good. Our base on Alioth and increasing presence in space is supplemented with mining outposts and stations on most planets.

We provide logistics support to combatants who would protect our operatives and defend civilisation, with a ship replacement programme and provisioning when supporting SCHG missions. SCHG Officers also have access to many commodities and ship parts at mates rates, and services are provided by other guild members often for free.

Following the recent Demeter release we’re also looking for miners and hauliers. You will be well rewarded, including options to receive ores for your own factories.

Other games we play that have a construction aspect to them include Star Citizen, which is grouped under Starfighter Command due to its main elements. Some also play Empyrion and No Man’s Sky, though SCHG doesn’t have a formal presence in those games.