Southern Cross High Guard INARA Squadron page

The Southern Cross High Guard fleet is organised into a variant of a Navy Carrier Task Force, made up of several Task Groups with fighter and specialised Squadrons. The main fleet consists of Battle Task Force 250 with a Battle Strike Group (BSG 250.1) made up of Frigates and Destroyers, a Carrier Strike Group (CSG 250.2) centred around the future Fleet Carrier “HMCS Endeavor”, an Aerospace Strike Group (ASG 250.3) made up of Fighters and Light Attack Craft, and finally, the Fleet Support Group (FSG 250.4) which provides trade and skilled resource mining pilots.

  • 250.1 Battle Strike Group (BSG 250.1) Is composed of destroyers, and frigates.
    • FRIGRON 10
    • DESTON 11
    • DESRON 12

  • 250.2 – Carrier Strike Group (CSG 250.2) Is made up of the Aerospace Carrier “HMCS Endeavor”

  • 250.3 – Aerospace Strike Group (ASG 250.3) The Aerospace Strike Group is the operational aerospace group composed of eight aerospace squadrons with detachments of various fighter craft and Light Attack Craft (LAC). Organised, equipped and trained to conduct modern aerospace operations, the various squadrons in the Strike Group have different, complementary (and sometimes overlapping) missions, and provide the striking power of the fleet.
    • 30 – Strike Fighter Squadron “The Jackaroos” The fleets main patrol and interceptor squadron
    • 31 – Strike Fighter Squadron “Drop Bears” The fleets joint strike squadron specialising in bombing and ground attack
    • 32 – Strike Fighter Squadron “Mako” Space superiority squadron
    • 33 – Attack Fighter Squadron “Grey Ghosts” The fleets scout and recon squadron
    • 34 – Attack Fighter Squadron “Taniwha” The fleets Anti-Xeno squadron

  • 250.4 – Fleet Support Group (FSG 250.4) The Fleet’s Logistics Group composed of supply ships and other fleet support vessels
    • 40 – Fleet Logistics Squadron “Drovers” The fleet trading squadron
    • 41 – Fleet Support Squadron “Eureka Rebels” The fleet mining squadron
    • 42 – Fleet Survey Squadron “Walkabout” The fleet exploration squadron

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