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2465 CE

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The High Guard, or SCHG, is an Oceanic (Australia and New Zealand) Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming Guild, Clan, Group, and Community consisting of mature gamers (age 18+). It represents a dynamic and multifaceted guild that blends rigorous MILSIM elements with the excitement of science fiction and space-themed games. The guild's approach integrates multiple games into a single narrative universe, offering its members a diverse and immersive experience.

Core Focus and Activities

Science Fiction and Space Simulation: The guild is deeply engaged in space simulation, with members participating in virtual space battles, piloting starfighters, and commanding capital ships in expansive game universes.
First-Person Shooter (FPS) Combat: Besides space simulation, the guild is active in science fiction-themed FPS games involving futuristic ground-based combat.

Gameplay and Narrative

Multi-Game Universe Creation: The High Guard crafts a unique narrative across various multiplayer games, creating a custom universe with interconnected stories and missions.
Story-Driven Gameplay: Members' actions and decisions contribute to an evolving story in a self-built universe, encompassing complex missions and diplomatic interactions.

MILSIM Aspects

Structured Hierarchy: The guild features a clear hierarchical structure with ranks reflecting members' skills and contributions.
Organized Units: Specialized units within the guild, including combat, exploration, and logistics divisions, play distinct roles in a comprehensive military operation.
Recognition System: A system of medals and decorations incentivizes achievements and contributions, adding realism and motivation.

Key Activities

Combat: Members engage in space and ground combat, using tactics akin to real-world military operations.
Exploration: The guild actively explores new territories and star systems, encountering diverse environments and species.
Logistics and Trade: Resource management and strategic planning support the guild's combat and exploration endeavours.

High Guard Community Ethos

Mateship: The guild stresses loyalty, equality, and friendship, upholding a culture of support and mutual success.
Colonial Spirit: Members embody the spirit of colonials, building a new home in virtual space with a mix of legal and less-than-legal jobs.
Diverse Opportunities: Whether engaged in combat, trade, mining, or exploration, members find varied roles to suit their interests and skills.

Specialized Squadrons

Combat Squadrons: Ready to face pirates, Xenos, or hostile factions in PvE, PvP, and Anti-Xeno operations.
Trade and Mining: Leveraging knowledge of trading routes for-profit and protecting miners in asteroid fields.
Exploration Squadron: Dedicated to discovering new phenomena and ensuring safe return and data selling for explorers.

The High Guard offers a comprehensive and engaging experience for gamers who enjoy a blend of military simulation, science fiction, and diverse gameplay within a supportive, laid-back community.

Welcome to the United Systems Commonwealth High Guard!   As a member of our esteemed High Guard, you'll embark on thrilling adventures, engage in strategic operations, and be part of a vibrant community of players in our MMORPG universe. Our guild is more than just a group of gamers; it's a close-knit family where camaraderie, teamwork, and fun reign supreme.   If you're ready to take your gaming experience to the next level, we invite you to apply. Join us in shaping a dynamic and exciting world, where every member plays a crucial role in our collective success. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer eager to learn, there's a place for you in the High Guard.   Click below to access our application form and start your journey with the United Systems Commonwealth High Guard. Adventure awaits!   Apply here!   For the best experience, we recommend joining our Discord and exploring our World Anvil site to fully immerse yourself in the High Guard community.



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